Lock-me locker rental


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Lock-me locker rental

The Lockme system is ideal for unattended facilities, such as: luggage lockers in cities, for storing luggage in hotels and hostels,...

User-friendly operative with the Lockme, see the steps to follow for the booking process: 

1. Select the centre where the user wants to rent the locker.

2. Select the locker after filtering by area, size,...

3. Select the start and end date of the booking.

4. Make the payment

5. You will receive confirmation of your booking either with a password or a QR code.

Then you will go to the premises where the lockers are located and you will have to scan the QR code in the reader of the Lockme application and the locker will open. Or by entering the booking code in the Lockme app.

The system offers benefits to both users and managers, such as:

Usability: the app offers a convenient and hassle-free way to book a locker at the location of your choice, without the need for a key or combination.

Flexibility: The app allows users to extend or cancel their booking at no charge, making it a flexible solution for those with unpredictable schedules.

Security: Lockers are equipped with smart locks that can be controlled through the app, ensuring the security of users' belongings.

Wide availability: The lockers will be placed in high traffic areas, such as shopping malls, train stations, bus stations, etc.