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We make sense

We are a team of people committed to a service-oriented approach to adapt to your needs and offer you customised projects in a flexible and dynamic way.


A better world is a safer world

We are motivated by a commitment: to give the world a meaning beyond engineering. We come up with ideas to build a better, more efficient, sustainable and safer world.

We want to contribute to developing safe and stable ecosystems, in which the most advanced innovation is the most harmonious: invisible but 100% reliable.

Our technological solutions add value in all those environments that require safety, monitoring and supervision, and this is why we design, develop, manufacture and sell smart electronic solutions for the responsible and efficient control of people, objects and environments.


Worldwide presence

Phnom Penh,Camboya11.562018179603806,104.927132539451120
Selangor, Malasia3.073696928072316,101.516937779512550
Hornsby NSW, Australia-33.703820535589294,151.09493572913890
Manila, Filipinas14.60618797137638,121.020904484974040
Mumbai, India19.075819336846138,72.885508467099840
Hong Kong22.31837059085691,114.173810453106280
Shanghai, China31.194203698810455,121.488722371467470
Douala ,Camerun4.047007957227026,9.7325291435586220
Plumstead, Sudafrica-34.02509712850527,18.469892488969890
Abidjan, Costa de Marfil5.340441061668462,-4.0083532501012090
Dakar, Senegal14.714222899123984,-17.4635487666939750
Casablanca, Marruecos33.59981759133339,-7.5962133449502290
Dubai- Emiratos Árabes25.175402853417854,55.250050520774610
SHARJAH,Emiratos Árabes25.341573981458122,55.418137204764660
Riyadh, Arabia Saudi24.73616440259826,46.66092177734140
Moscú, Rusia55.7497453783628,37.602037817623680
sleeuwijk, Holanda51.81083072867911,4.9513747401999810
Zagreb, Croacia45.80788822805778,15.9784599145579020
PRATO Galciana Italia43.889199132879384,11.0577744155002620
Colleferro, Italia41.72592759028555,13.00368340520970
Estambul, Turquía41.046882661279604,28.9736333510802520
Sarajebo, Bosnia43.856977730734094,18.4120627683582820
Limassol, Chipre34.69622146485743,33.0254408464378460
Buenos Aires-34.652489917144614,-58.4648394584655760
Colombia medellin6.16264524298911,-75.511073206653580
Santo Domingo18.47822007808378,-69.924674034118650
Sede Principal43.24512066250226,-2.39220857620239261

with 5 senses


Design, balance, attractiveness, functionality. Invisible but functional, attractive but balanced. Form and content. Effectiveness of the solution, with the user experience as the essence of our solution. Maximum technological innovation with the most harmonious expression. Design is part of the way that we see life and work and this is why we seek harmony in everything that we develop and manufacture. Beauty that works.


Flexibility, decisiveness, agility, efficiency. We listen attentively and with empathy and we are effective in our execution. Our work is not understood without a firm intention to co-create the best solution with our customers. To do this, we must always be ready to move quickly and effectively, to adapt and be truly decisive.


The circle closes when we add real value and that value reverts to our brand. Enkoa solutions go further because they are relevant, unique and genuinely add value. With this value we close the circle and we manage to make our value proposal real.


Creativity, intelligence, empathy, vision. Being Enkoa means always cultivating an attitude of imagining, investing or creating, combining with intelligence and skill the knowledge that we possess and the means at our disposal.
Our engineering is different: it is a question of empathy, vision and audacity.


Our work aims to provide value, open new ways to make useful and effective products and systems that solve the problems of our customers and people. Our commitment is the guarantee that the result will be satisfactory: involvement and effort with determination and perseverance are key to the relationship that we establish with our customers

Our team

Our Team

People<br />for people

for people

The human component is the key factor that highlights the most relevant way in which Enkoa is different: people who think, imagine solve, create and dream. We are a team of people committed to a service-oriented approach to adapt to your needs and offer you customised projects in a flexible and dynamic way.