Our technological solutions add value in all those environments that require safety, monitoring and supervision, and this is why we design, develop, manufacture and sell smart electronic solutions for the responsible and efficient control of people, objects and environments.

& know-how

Our environment gives us a responsible and committed attitude: our ideas are solutions that end up being developed and becoming reality.

We are engineers in the purest sense of the word: we master the art and technique of applying our knowledge to the invention, design, improvement and management of solutions for our customers.



Our team

Our Team

People<br />for people

for people

The human component is the key factor that highlights the most relevant way in which Enkoa is different: people who think, imagine solve, create and dream. We are a team of people committed to a service-oriented approach to adapt to your needs and offer you customised projects in a flexible and dynamic way.

with 5 senses

Design, balance, attractiveness, functionality.


Flexibility, decisiveness, agility, efficiency.


Relevance, value, solution & resolution.


Creativity, intelligence, empathy, vision.


Responsibility, determination, effort, commitment.