Electronic lock for gym, sport centre lockers

Electronic products that add user safety. 

Smart locker lock for gym, sport centre, factories

Best locking solution for sport centres, spas, waterparks, beach lockers,hotels, companies, universities, hospitals, music festivals lockers... 

Electronic locker locks. motorized opening. 

Safety. cannot be duplicated. 

User-friendly. contactless opening (RFID)

With knob/handle . Suitable for metallic lockers…

Free/fix assignment. lockers can operate in free mode (any free locker can be occupied) for gym lockers or fix mode ( only the assigned locker can be used) for staff lockers. 

Easy key management. if a card is stolen or is missing, it can be easily cancelled in the system without changing the whole locker lock. 

Expiration date. an expiration date can be encoded, thus the user can only use the locker lock that day. 

Connectivity. Wireless communication with the iVIEW software for lockers, for monitoring locker status on the software (only available with wireless lockers).  

Our electronic locker locks meet the highest standards for those environment which require sturdy locker locks.