Up to 70% less enegy comsumption with REMS

Innovahotel, Enkoa's collaborator in hospitality sector, wanted to test our energy saving system in order to know the amount of energy saving that it achieves in comparison to a room without an energy saving system. The test has been carried out for 18 days at the Villa Antilla hotel in Orio (Gipuzkoa) in the room 302 using Enkoa's cardless energy saver, door and window sensor and two motion sensors (room and bathroom) and the data has been compared with the room 310 consumption without REMS system. What follows is the data obtained by Innovahotel: 

The room 302 has consumed 15,8 Kwh during 18 days, whereas the room 310 (without energy saving system) has consumed 50,18 kWh. What means that the room 310 without the energy saving system has consumed 3,22 times more than the room 302. The daily average for those days is 2,79 Kwh/day in room 310 and 0,84 Kwh/day in room 302. The daily average of the room 302 is a bit lower, because when there is no occupancy the consumed watts are close to 0 whereas in the room 310 when there is no occupancy there are 70W, mainly atributtable to the minibar and the Nespresso coffe maker. 

Not to forget that not all the rooms have the same occupancy, therefore the extrapolation can vary, however, the data shows a big difference between both room's consumption. On monthly basis, the room 310 will consume 83,7 Kwh whereas the room 302 will only do 25,2 kwh. If we consider an average electricity price of 0,232468€/kwh (Average electricity cost last month) the hotel will save 13,6€ per room and if we consider 2022 year average electricity cost, the monthly saving will be around 18,13€. 

Therefore if data is extrapolated to a 100 room hotel, the average monthly saving will be around 1813€ and therefore the investment made in room energy management system will have a quick return. 



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