Big data

Big data and digitalization are revolutionizing the tourism sector and in the following years a bigger change is expected, in order to help hoteliers to customize guest experience and increase the hotel operations efficiency. 

In Enkoa we have developed the Senview application to exploit data generated about the room status and the guest and staff behaviour by our smart sensors , thus the hotel owner will be able to get current indicators as well as historical indicators. 

Some of the indicators shown by the software are the following: real time room occupancy (occupied by guest/staff...),% energy saved on monthly basis ( filter by month, day...) , time to react to guest make up room request (KPI vs target) 

Thanks to these indicators the hotel owner can get full details for the facility performance take corrective actions such as: improve guest service request reaction times or optimized cleaning shifts thus improving guest experience in the hotel . As it is said " if you can not measure it, you can not improve it".