Enkoa invests in its premises

Enkoa following its scheme of reinvesting the profits back into business and according to the 2016-2017 Strategic plan, has carried out investments over 600.000€ with the aim of adapting to the demands of the market. 
The investments have been assigned to the production equipment, such as test equipment that enables a better and more thorough quality control; also efforts have been made to the increase of the space dedicated to production, hall and warehouse areas with the purpose of meeting company's production growth needs. 
Along with it, the office area has been extended with a new floor allocated for meeting room and showroom, taking the entire upper floor. Thus, satisfying Enkoa’s space needs when holding meetings where several companies can take part.  
At the same time, investments have been made in intangible assets such as IT applications like the CRM for improving sales management and customer service.
Naturally, since Enkoa is a technological company, a great deal of investment have been assigned to the R&D, for developing brand new products and solutions demanded by the market and in order to diversify the company portfolio. Last but not least, an effort has been made to build up the workforce. 


enkoa offices