Locks for lockers for the new Metro Madrid headquarters

As a result of the creation of the Integral Transport Centre (CIT) by Metro de Madrid, the new company headquarters have been built. The new building connects the past with the future of the city, as it is located in the old concierges of Plaza de Castile.

The building consists of two structures of seven and twelve floors, respectively, totalling around 24,000 square metres of facilities and housing the Integral Transport Centre (CIT) next to which other buildings will be built. Nearly 1,000 employees work in this nearly zero-energy consumption building (NZEB), who were spread over several facilities, thus unifying services, building synergies and reducing operating costs.

We would like to express our gratitude to Metro Madrid for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on this project, supplying locks for employee lockers. They will use the same card for access control and for opening the lockers. Our invisible CEM electronic lock for lockers, which, when hidden inside the cabinet, brought a minimalist image to the office environment.