A new sport centre with our smart locking solution

The new sport centre located in San Sebastian has state-of-the-art equipment, such as: separating curtains to simultaneously play the four tracks, digital video scoreboards, access turnstiles, music equipment or screens in the activity rooms to offer virtual classes. The gym will also feature bluetooth technology so users can connect external devices and record workouts. Along the same lines, the lockers for users will be equipped with electronic locks from the Enkoa brand, making life easier for users of the center who, by simply bringing the bracelet closer, will be able to safely deposit their belongings in the lockers and retrieve them once they finish the session exercise. The lock chosen by the client has been the invisible CEM locker electronic lock, which is hidden inside the cabinet, creating a clean and uncluttered space. Several infoterminals or information points placed near the lockers will inform the customer about the number of the locker that they have occupied, simply by bringing the bracelet closer. Our electronic locking solutions are ideal for lockers in sports centers, aqua parks, amusement parks, or other types of leisure centers.


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