The Pod Boutique Capsule hotel trust our lockers locks

The trend of the capsule hotels is expanding from Japan to all over the world ,mostly to other Asian countries and Australia. The concept consist of hotels in which the room is shared with more people to save money, but at the same time you have your own privacy inside your capsule. The Pod Boutique Capsule hotel has embarked the latest and minimalist concept when designing their accomodations. Already in their 6th year operation, located right in the heart of Singapore's financial district it accomodates more than 100 capsules to a mix of young and trendy, middle aged, budget travellers.  

Each guest has a locker available below or close to the bed to keep their belongings and for that the hotel has install Enkoa's electronic locker locks that enable the opening using the same proximity card as of the hotel door access. This way the locking system is integrated into the room modern concept and besides it provides features at the cutting edge of technology.