Centralized guest room energy management

Centralized guest room energy management

"We want to offer solutions beyond energy saving, we want to offer services that give our customers added value" 

The centralized guest room energy management system comprises wireless energy savers connected to a "mesh" network communicating with each other and through hubs with the "iVIEW software for energy" located in a server.

Scalable solution: starting by placing wireless energy savers and iVIEW software, sensors can be installed later on. 


This solution goes beyond energy saving and enables: 

Room remote monitoring.  

-Occupancy control (guest/employee).

-Room status (do not disturb/make up room). 

-SOS alert management...

Room remote control. 

-Switch on and off the services.

-Set up max/min room temperature.

-Extend the card expiration date...

Remote maintenance