Online locker lock for Sicor group

SICOR group was founded after the union between El Corte Ingles and Mega 2 Group and has more than 20 year of experience in the market. The company is dedicated to provide safety service, comprehensive services, cleaning and with more than 2.700 professional along several offices. 

After Sicor foundation, the headquarters have been renovated with a brand new image and new furniture, like lockers for employee's to keep their belongings safe.   

The more than 150 lockers in Sicor offices have been equipped with Enkoa's smart lock for lockers. Our smart locker lock is invisible, thus proving a sense of elegance to the workspace as well as innovation due to the contactless opening/closing. Not only that, but it allows monitoring the status of the lockers (occupied/free) real time or check the latest events of the lockers through the software iview for lockers. 

The workplaces of the future seems to evolve to hotdesking with more flexible spaces and less fix desks, that will change the workspace configuration and furniture. As a result storage systems for employees with smart locking system will be highly demanded. In addition, online locker status monitoring allows to obtain more information about the behaviours of employees in terms of teleworking and office attendance.