Smart locker lock in the new downtown offices in Madrid

An American company dedicated to develop software and cloud-based applications, has decided to moved its headquarters to Castellana business district to an iconic building that was homed to BBVA offices.  

The new building is designed following the concept of the smart office and the office storage systems have been also equipped with the smart locking solutions. Our CET smart locker lock online has contactless opening by approaching the card used by the employee for the company access control . Locker lock can operate in free assignment mode (each employee can use any locker which is available) or in fix assignment mode (each employee has a locker assigned).Apart from the smart locking solution, our solution provides real time online locker status, such as: locker occupancy (available/occupied), lock events or remote opening. 

Smart locker management is included within the smart office concept and allows generating relevant data and KPI for better employee management and decision making.