Guest room energy management with sensors

Guest room energy management with sensors

Guest room energy management with sensors, goes further and enables a major control of the room energy by preventing the air conditioning to be working when the guest has left the room with the card in the energy saver or when the window is opened. 

Scalable solution: the wireless energy saver can work in offline mode (only with card) and sensors can be installed later on. 


Manages the occupancy in the room: 

             - Saving mode: if there is no occupancy, the energy is turned off. 

             - Comfort mode: if there is no occupancy, it keeps the comfort temperature. 

Window management  if the window is opened, it turnes the air conditioning off.

DND(do not disturb) &MUR (make up room) management:  the indicator of the corridor shows the option chosen by the guest.  

Temperature management  using the thermostat the guest can choose the room temperature. 

Minibar management* by placing a sensor on the minibar closet, we get to know if the minibar has been opened. 

Lock management  by introducing an authorized card in the energy saver, the closet for the safe can be opened.

SOS alert management*  when the guest pushes SOS button, an alert will be sent to the reception PC. 


*Available only with centralized guest room energy management. 

Guest room energy management with sensors